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MAXIM :: Hollywood´s Hottest Rides

Movie: Transformers
Car: 2009 Camaro Concept
The Camaro´s production run came to a sad end in 2002, but reemerged for this year´s Transformers flick as a futuristic and damn sexy-looking 2009 concept. Whether the production model will look exactly like the one we saw on the screen is yet to be seen, but we like what we see. Especially the part about it transforming into a huge robot.

Movie: Transporter 2
Car: 2005 Audi A8 W12
It doesn´t look as sporty as some of the other dream cars on this list, but the 12-cylinder engine sports a dozen cylinders that push this luxury car to speeds a lot of imports just can´t reach, no matter how fancy their paint jobs. The interior is just as sweet, which is important during the 99.99 percent of the driving you do that´s not a drag race.

Movie: The Fast and the Furious
Car: 1994 Toyota Supra
Say what you will about this flick´s bad acting and ridiculous story line, but hot ladies and hotter cars made this one of the best summer movies of all time. The graphics on the side of this Supra were a little cheesy, but the body shape made it look fast even when it was sitting still. Or we might have breathed a little too much nitrous oxide.

Movie: Casino Royale
Car: 2007 Aston Martin DBS V12
This 12-cylinder beast—based on the DB9 race car—might be the sexiest thing ever to come from England. Six hundred horsepowers make it move faster down the highway than a burrito and five beers through your intestines. If that´s not enough to make you willing to sell your organs to buy one of only 300 being made, just remember that James "Freakin´" Bond drove it. Want to borrow our scalpel?


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